“Seeing my class develop in confidence last session was one of the highlights of my teaching career and I’d love to continue the project!” – Ross High teacher, 2020

“It was fantastic watching the students so engaged in these interactive workshops” – Primary School Teacher 2019


It was really quite a special experience for me teaching the students various aspects of science, coaching them through the development of a workshop, and watching them run the workshop in the schools – it’s how I imagine a proud parent feels! For my development it also helped me to focus my thoughts to better explain scientific processes to those not in the field – something I often struggle with.” – former LiS mentor, 2017

“Mentoring for Leaders in Science was a really fantastic experience for me. It gave me a chance to get away from my usual routine at work and do something completely different. As scientists, we often get trapped in our own small area of work and stop thinking about the basic principles and ideas. Taking a step back and learn to explain things to a younger audience (and even teaching them to explain concepts to a younger audience still!) is a very valuable skill to develop. 

Having the pressure of making sure we delivered good quality material to the college students was also a big step outside my comfort zone. I feel that was a great thing for me, though, and my work (specifically scientific presentations) benefited tremendously.

Getting to work with the college students was a really exciting aspect of LiS. For example, getting to know each of their characters over the course of a few months was interesting and allowed us to identify specific areas where some students would benefit most. Overall they really enjoyed the course and developed themselves a lot.” – former LiS mentor, 2018

“The Leaders in Science programme has been a very rewarding experience. My favourite part has been designing and running workshops, such as the synthesis of aspirin or the computational drug design workshop. It has also been a delight watching the students increase in confidence with each session.– LiS mentor, 2019.


“My favourite thing about Leaders in Science is that it’s different. You get to be in charge of your own project”  – A-Level student, 2017

“We enjoyed today because we did cool stuff – Primary school pupil 2019

“I enjoyed it because I got to learn more about electricity
Primary school pupil 2019