Keep learning from home! 5 ideas to get you started…

So school’s been closed and you’re learning from home. There’s been a huge amount of change in the last couple of weeks and you may still be adjusting to having your classroom at home. Thanks to the amazing power of the internet (thanks again to science and engineering!) there are lots of great websites out there to help.

One thing all of this has really highlighted is just how important scientists are to society. At times like this, it is the scientists that Government are turning to for advice, and the scientists that the public are relying on to develop faster testing, cures and vaccines for Covid-19.

Maybe this has inspired you to to think about becoming a scientist one day? Or maybe you would like to learn more and expand you knowledge outside of what you get taught at school?

If so, here are some great online games, tools and activities to get you started. If you come across more that you’d us to add to this list, please Tweet us (#LiSScotland) or drop us a line through our contact form to get in touch.

1. Pepper and Soap: How washing your hands helps stop viruses spread

2. Love Chemistry? This interactive periodic table has a video for each element! Cool!/

3. Want to learn to code and help model diseases one day? Tynker is a great place to start! (free access to courses during school closures)

4. Compound Interest: the chemistry of every day

5. Foldit: A protein folding game that actually contributes to scientific research

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